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Giving your best interview to secure your dream job is an art of selling your abilities, creating a demand for your services and giving an impression that you are the best person for the job. It needs several skills on your part, professional attributes and ofcourse subject knowledge-the job you are going to do. In fact client needs your services and is indeed looking for who the best person is for their job. Therefore its a mutual fulfillment of a benifical relationship. Your organization is your internal customer and you are the prospective service provider, an internal supplier of services.

Making a great interview is truly an art. and you need to relaly muster it. Here , we are trying to give you some tips which may be very useful

Use P-D-C-A model (Plan, Do, Check and Act)

“Plan ” Prepare for the interview.

Know about the employing organization – Their type of business, history, market reputation, market share, when they were established, Visit their website and you will get valuable information.This will give them a good impression that you are prepared and know that this is an organization fulfills your aspiration and arguably you fit them well. You indeed have to prove them during interview which is the “Do”ing part of the process

Take note of the date, time, route and mode of travel to reach on time – You can’t afford to be late.

  • Dress Well. It is said  you are addressed the way you are dressed. Use proper attire, soft and soothing and businesslike that suits local culture and customs. dress modestly.Your dresses must be clean-looking fresh and properly ironed
  • Prepare to demonstrate your abilities , that you have desired knowledge and competence the organization is looking for. You will have to refresh the subject matter a bit in preparation for the interview, have relevent latest information and updates on the subject matter.
  • If you use perfumes, you can do so but use very soothing and mild ones, its better to use fragrance than smelling sweat! Never use strong perfumes
  • There must be a good pen ?on your hand and a note pad as you seat composed on the chair facing the interview board.
  • Don’t seat on the edge of the chair and showing enxiety, neither lean back on the chair back. Seat straight and upright

“Do”-During the interview

  • you have to make the first Impression the best impression. We make first impression the first impression in first 7 seconds. Therefore nake a confident entry, Smile  gently and shake hands with confidence.In certain society hand shakes are not a common norm, show gestures as appropriate as per the norm and social customs
  • Keep eye contact during the entire process. This shows confidence
  • Remain engaged
  • Show interest
  • Listen to question actively. Take brief notes and cover all points those were asked in a logical manner
  • Think before you say-give an impression of maturity
  • Don’t show panic if an answer is not known -remain composed and confident .Give an impression that you are honest.Admit clearly if you do not know an answer rather than guesing, however you may make qualified guess based on situations. It’s okay miss a point- don´t let yourself down. There are many thing that you know, I remember in one of my interview I said “I don’t know” to many questions, thant I said “yes” to but at the end I was frank to tell the interviewer that I also knew so much on the subject , how he knew exactly what I don’t know.That was fun.Infact I got the job-and it was a brilliant assignment.
  • Demonstrate subject knowledge and competence and that you are one of the best for the job
  • Show overall capability-its not technical knowledge that makes one most suitable for the job-its overall attributes combined with subject specific knowledge would make it happen
  • After the interview , thank them for their interest and time they spent before you leave and that it was a pleasure meeting them .Don’t hesitate to thell them that you learned a lot from the interview.This would also give an opportunity to further enhance your ability.

Check . Assess what you did right and what could have been better

  • Think how the interview went about and what you did right, what you did not so right and you should not have done. Its an ever learning process of self refinement and self development

Act. Improve upon. Sharpen your self .

  • From the analsysis ., think what you planned well, what you did well and what could be improved upon. You then can act to improve your abilities and competence
  • Make a check list and mock the whole process once again. Regardless of your result that is yet to come, in real life you will give several interviews – infact daily, during the course of your work or  while you offer services on behalf of your employer. You indeed would be interviewed daily either internally within the organization or externally when you interact with your clients
  • Reinforce your weak areas and augment your stregth
  • This is continual improvement of your competence which never ends. You must retool yourself and you are sure to win

?Positive Attributes that you must develop

  • Punctual
  • Honest
  • Disciplined
  • Well mannerd
  • Confident
  • Perceptive
  • Inquisitive
  • Dilligent,
  • Matutrity and dexterity
  • Diplomatic

Skill sets you must develop

Observation skills.

Look arround the place, objects etc. and try to relate. I remember in two interviews it was so crucial and I believe those two observations were vital in getting me those assignment. I was in Hindustan Morors , appearing for my first interview of life.There was an  engine and gear box model with longitudinal and cross sectional views. There was a question from Transmission system in audtomobile and I just could explain everything that the interviewer, The Quality Controller asked, it was a cake walk, I fact I never saw  such a brilliant model that show alll componets of the system.

Another incident I remember was for an interview for a top class certification body. They asked me about Quality Policy and what it really meant. I explained all that I knew at the same time what that certification body’s Quality policy was talking as I saw was displaced in vistors seating areas in the reception. and then I could talk so much about this organizations business, , their positioning and  how their quality policy was shaping their organization and carrying them forward.Needless to say, I was selected for this wonderful job , that of a quality management system auditor.It was a top class ship classification society and German certification body-one of the top 5 leading companies in the world in their business line

Listening skill:

You must listen actively. Keep eye contact, show physical gesture , expressions and acknowledge what you listened.Show an actively engaged body language .This is extremely important

Communication skills-verbal and written

Use lucid words, simple and within the context.

The better you speak, the better you make impression.It’s all about how you talk and conduct yourself, express your views, in a confident and logical manner


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